Starting Anew

When I started this blog and dipped a toe into my marketing consulting business in 2013, I was also looking for a job to pay my bills.

I found that job, and became completely immersed in it. That wasn’t a bad thing. I loved what I was doing. I was an integral part of creating a brand new ecommerce website that provides continuing education for veterinary professionals, and the experience and skills I gained from that job were amazing.

In addition to learning all new skills, I was able to stretch out my marketing wings in a small B2B environment.  Our budget was humble and our resources were shared. One of our main marketing tools was email, and I had to sharpen my rusty copywriting skills and experiment with new ways to reach the audience and convert them to subscribers.

I also created an entire webinar program from scratch that quickly attracted hundreds of participants for each event. The email addresses for these folks were a gold mine, and I became a list-building fiend.

Part of my job also included traveling to trade shows to promote the product, and my husband started to wonder if I really was EVER coming home.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is I ran out of time to do my own thing.

After three years of love and learning, I recently found myself part of another layoff. I was sad, but not devastated. It really was time to move on. And, it was time to pick up my own dream where I left it.

I have a new logo coming, and lots of great information to share. I hope that you lovely readers will come and impart your own knowledge here as well.

I’m back and ready to rev it up!



Welcome! (It all started with a boat.)

A hearty welcome to the debut of PerryWinkle Social Marketing.

I have to credit my husband for the name. Years ago we were trying to name our boat, and he jokingly said we should christen her the PerryWinkle. Coming from a mucho macho man, it was a pretty silly suggestion. We all yucked it up over his humor. But the name stuck in my mind. I just knew it would come in handy one day.

Perry Boat

Now that I’ve christened my blog,  I’ll be casting off to explore all sorts of topics related to social media, community management, marketing, digital media and more. All from my own point of view, naturally.

I appreciate your comments, your likes and your shares. Oh, and your suggested topics.